25 May 2018
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  Research Projects

Research Projects

Nursing students' perception of the clinical learning environment in medical-surgical wards

The effects of integration and text-based education of  medical ethics on knowledge, opinions and decision-making ability in  students of year 2009

The effect of academic classical training on the clinical practice of radiology technologists

Development of Software application for  educational ranking of medical school’s departments

A comparative study of  the dental implants curriculum in specialty courses of  dental schools in Iran

The integration of management and leadership training in general medicine curriculum- The first phase: needs assessment

Challenges in higher education of  nursing – An action research

Determining the   fuzzy model of evaluation based on difficulty  index, mood and ability to understand the lessons of respondents

Designing, implementing and evaluating of  educational Cation virtual  laboratory

Comparison of educational programs and implementation of field education  in different faculties

Situation Analysis  of the morning reports in clinical departments  from the viewpoint of residents in medical school

Situation Analysis of clinical education in Imam Reza Hospital - Tabriz

Implementation of new curriculum based on early exposure of medical students in basic sciences in parasitology or the field of clinical parasitology  lab and its evaluation based on students’ vews

Portfolio for  preliminary industry  clerkship  unit for pharmacy  students

Designing , implementation and evaluation of the hospital pharmacy clerkship

Assess the degree of commitment  of internal medicine residents   to medical professionalism in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Situational analysis and improvement of outpatient education in Shahid Mdani heart Center

Design and implementation of virtual lab of  vital statistics

Designing and implementation of Evidence-based journal clubs in Neurosurgery department of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Socialization status toward the care in nursing students of nursing schools in Tabriz and Orumiyeh

The knowledge of protection against radiation in imaging center’s personnel and developing a protocol for radiation protection

The effect of case-based study in clerkship course of hospital pharmacy for chemotherapy medicine on knowledge and behavior of senior pharmacy students in Tabriz

The comparison of computer-based teaching g and lecture in learning the anatomical indexes of extra-oral radiographies

The effect of E-learning combined with traditional teaching on the improvement of practical skills of dentistry students

The effect of peer education on learning practical skills of dentistry students  in preclinical restorative course

Design, implementation and evaluation of educational multimedia packages Functional Anatomy

اStandardization of the curriculum and  designing  and implementation of the Objective Structured Field Examination  (OSFE) for pharmacy clerkship course

The quality of morning reports in infectious disease department from the viewpoint of faculties, residents and medical students in the last 6 months of the 2010

The effect of practical modalities application training on the order writing of physical medicine and rehabilitation residents , 2012

The status of implementation of approved  basic standards of medical education in Tabriz  medical school

Nursing educators' perception of individual and organizational knowledge transfer at the Universities of Medical Sciences- 2009-2010

The efficacy of the adjusted program( training for stress control) from the viewpoint of medical students

The effect of education by residents in reducing anxiety in anesthesia candidate children 8-10 years old from the perspective of children, parents and residents

The Comparison of the Quality of Multiple Choice Questions in Promotion Exams of Internal Medicine, Surgery and Pediatrics Residency Programs in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences , Before and After Delegation of Exams to the University

An Integrative( Qualitative and Quantitative) Method on Patients' Rights Observance in Ambulatory Care Centers in Tabriz University Of Medical Sciences

The knowledge and opinions of residents about the breaking  bad news in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

A Qualitative study on the  experiences related to patient centered and participatory decision-making in specialists of Tabriz- 2010

The comparison of sleep quality and identity styles between conditional and unconditional students

The Role of Comprehensive Reflection in Clinical Learning Based on Daily Notebook and Developing an Operational Mode

Factors of clinical stress from the viewpoint  of clerkship students and interns in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Teachers and medical students’ view about the potential impact of peer education training system based learning (PAL) proposed conditions for its implementation

Challenges and strategies for clerkship ship and internship courses in the field of pharmacy

The Comparison of  effects of the implementation of practical courses in various fields of basic sciences in medical school on students' scores



The relationship between educational status in  medical school and professional performance evaluationin the workplace and job satisfaction of GPs in different  units of Tabriz  University of Medical Sciences


Designing a model for effective evaluation of professionalism  among students of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

The effect of e-learning and lecture-based method of cardiopulmonary resuscitation drugs on knowledge of emergency medicine interns

The study of content relevancy and public health personnel curricula with  the expected tasks in health system

Quality assessment and compiling stages and publishing quality articles in the field of medical education in Iranian Persian journals

The study of medical education MS graduates viewpoints about  the influence of the program on the change in their professional capability and role

Examining the relationship between learning styles and academic achievement among the basic sciences medical students in Tabriz medical school

Effectiveness of Community Medicine Curriculum , Faculty of Medicine

The structure and content Evaluation of MA courses in health and treatment services management

The impact of e-learning method on teaching quality of oral pathology practice among Tabriz Dental School Students

The relationship between social support, academic self- efficacy and stress with mental - physical health of students participating in the Fourth Olympiad of medical universities throughout the country  .

The effect of life skills education on learning motivation and academic achievement of nursing students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in the year 2012-2013

The effect of early clinical exposure of basic sciences medical students on their knowledge and attitudes of  mother and child health

Compatibility of  the community medicine curriculum in clerkship and internship with roles and duties of General Practitioners

Citation Analysis of Scientific Published Products on Problem Based Learning as an Educational Strategy in Medical Education in Medline Web of Science Databases and Persian Databases Citation Analysis of Scientific Published Products on Problem Based Learning as an Educational Strategy in Medical Education in Medline Web of Science Databases and Persian Databases

Developing  social accountability indicators in medical school

Educational Quality Assessment of  PhD nursing program  from the perspective of students and faculties

Assessment of academic e-books from the perspective of medical and postgraduate medical students and  librarians at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Evaluation of MPH Family Medicine training program based on the Kirkpatrick model at Tabriz University Medical Science in 2012

Viewpoints of the Faculties of  Tabriz university of Medical Sciences about the current state of the faculties  assessment program


Alive experience of nursing students in clinical environments: a phenomenological study

Studying the academic status (success, failure and achievement) and identifying some determiners – predictors from  1998 to 2008 among the students in the Faculty of Health and Nutrition, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

The development of assessment tool for educational and research performance of PhD students in School of Management and Medical Information

The relationship between Nursing instructors' clinical teaching behaviors and student learning

Longitudinal Survey of lifestyle-related behavior changes and their relationship with students' academic development  D.-c Tabriz

Designing and implementing DOPS test in the selected skills  for orthopedic residents and its effect on their learning from the viewpoints of faculties and residents

Male nursing students' perception of gender barriers in nursing education programs


The effect of using web-based system for clinical learning on self-regulated learning strategies and motivational beliefs of nursing students

The effect of e-learning and mild hypothermia induction speech-based after cardiac arrest on increasing emergency medicine residents

The effectiveness of CTA model on the clinical education efficiency of nursing students during training in internship Hematology Wards

The effect of feedback analysis of multiple-choice questions designed for pediatric residency  promotion exam on  the quality of designing question in the years 2013- 2014

The Status of Social Accountability Medical Education in Clinical Departments of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

The Effect of Hidden Curriculum on Medical Ethics Learning in Medical Students of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Educational Health Assessment of Family Health Personnel in Tabriz Health Centers - 2013

The Comparison of Approved  Professional Tasks in Curriculum with Roles and Tasks of Midwives in Tabriz Health Units

The Comparison of Written Promotion  Exams in Last Two Years of Residency –Tabriz University of Medical Sciences 2013

Strategies to improve the quality of written tests of residency promotion exam at Tabriz University Medical Science

The guidance and training advice challenges (the supervisor system) at different Faculties of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Educational Audit of Nursing School in Bukan 2014

The Challenges of Full-time Plan of Faculty Members in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

The View of Participants in Faculty Development Courses on Educational Quality and Performance

Characteristics and Determinants of Academic Members' Evaluation Based on The Experience and Viewpoints of Stakeholders: A Qualitative Study

The Challenges of Shahid  Mottahari Educational Festivals in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

The Satisfaction of Ambulatory Care Patients with Residents -Patient Relationship in Imam Reza Educational Hospital

The Effect of Research Activities of Dental School's Faculty Members on Their Educational Activities based on Their Opinions

The analysis of ambulatory medical education of medical students at Urmia University of Medical Sciences

Comparison of evidence-based nursing education in terms of its impact on knowledge, attitude and skills of nursing students - a systematic review

Designing, implementing and evaluating promotion test of Pediatrics residents in the of University of Medical Sciences using clinical reasoning method

Review of information literacy of non-clinical graduate students at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Comparing the results of clinical reasoning test with multiple-choice tests in  internal residents promotion exam at Tabriz and Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Comparison of academic achievement factors of medical students between basic science and pre- Internship at Azad University of Medical Sciences Universities

The impact of sharing students clinical experiences on nursing knowledge and professional socialization of nursing

Relationship between negative stem question and multiple-choice question taxonomy in university promotion tests in Tabriz university of Medical Sciences and national board tests in internal medicine, general surgery , pediatrics and obstetrics and gynecology for residency period 2010-2011

Designing the implementation and effectiveness of the nursing process Intelligent software and satisfaction with it

Comparison of classroom management style of pharmacy school faculties considering their moral intelligence and emotional intelligence

The impact  of Emergency Severity Index Triage-based education on students' knowledge and decision-making of medical intern

Determining the status of accountable training in Internal Medicine - School of Nursing and Midwifery, Tabriz

The relationship between the sleep quality and learning styles in academic achievement of students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences